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Full Fluffy French Bulldog

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Money Boy.heic
Money Boy of Hoosier Bullz
Expected: Spring 2023
$12,000 - $20,000 - Pet
$25,000 - $40,000 - Breeder

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Available: 9 - 10 weeks after birth
Expected: Summer 2023 
Pick 1: Available
Pick 2: Available
Pick 3: Available

Available: 9 - 10 weeks after birth

What Is A Fluffy French Bulldog?

Fluffy french bulldogs are rare fully registered purebred French Bulldogs. Fluffy Frenchies have longer fur than regular short-haired Frenchies, giving them an amazing furry look, especially around their ears. This rare variation of French Bulldogs is the result of the LH – long hair gene also known as the Fibroblast Growth Factor.

How Much Does A Fluffy French Bulldog Cost?

As the market for Fluffy french bulldogs is in the early stages and it is mostly a breeder's market fluffy french bulldogs are currently in the 10s of thousands. Some rare colors can reach into the 100s of thousands.  Basically, the more unique a French Bulldog’s coat color is the more expensive they are. 

What Makes A Fluffy French Bulldog So Rare?

Fluffy French Bulldogs are still hard to come by despite the huge demand in recent years. The answer lies in these dogs’ genetics. The LH gene or the Fibroblast Growth Factor responsible for fluffy Frenchies’ long fur is very rare in the breed, and a puppy needs to have not one but two of these genes to be visually fluffy.
Frenchies that carry only one LH gene have regular short coats, but they are still valuable for breeders. If such a Frenchie is bred to another carrier of the long hair gene, they are likely to produce fluffy puppies, although the chances of that are still quite low. Long-haired pups are only guaranteed if two visually fluffy French Bulldogs are bred together.

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-  Picking A Puppy  -

All puppies require a $300 deposit to reserve a puppy with the balance being due at pick up or before being shipped. Payments at pickup must be cash, credit card, or PayPal unless other arrangements have been made. Customers get to choose their puppy in the order that we receive deposits. If you have placed a deposit on an upcoming litter you will need to choose your puppy when they are between 5 and 6 weeks of age so the remaining puppies in the litter can find homes. We hope you have enjoyed visiting our site and getting a small glimpse into our world. Please feel free to contact us with any questions anytime. 

Preferred Frenchies reserves the right to the first pick from each new litter.  

Our puppies will come home with a puppy packet that includes the following: A written guarantee for two years on genetic defects. AKC registration paperwork. All shots and deworming records. A clean bill of health from a licensed veterinarian. A small bag of puppy food, toy, and blanket. 

All puppies will be sold with limited registration unless otherwise discussed with the breeder. Limited registration means that the dog is registered but no litters born from that dog are eligible for registration. It is eligible to be entered into any AKC show events. Limited registration can be changed to full registration at any time in the future by Preferred Frenchies.  

*For your convenience we do our best to keep our website as current and accurate as possible. After a puppy is reserved its is our goal to make the update within minutes with few exceptions outside holidays and unforeseen events. You can be confident the available puppies and their pictures showed are accurate and up to date.