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Welcome To Preferred Frenchies

Standard & Fluffy French Bulldogs

Adaptable, Playful, Smart

We invite you to give us a call or schedule a time to meet the Available Frenchie puppies at our home.

Our Story

We would like to share a small bit about our Frenchie Family. We are the Preferred Frenchie family. We love going on walks together with our Frenchies every day. We spend lazy afternoons in the sunshine, eating snacks, and playing together. Each of our Frenchies is unique in their own way. We really enjoy the quiet, happy, playful personality of a french bulldog. Whether you live in a large home or small apartment one of our frenchies will be a perfect addition to your life.

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Tesla - French Bulldog.jpg

Why Choose Us

We Are Family

Our Dogs truly are family and we care for them as God's creation with love and respect. We invite you to come to visit our home and get to know us.  

Feed & Nutrition

It's true you are what you eat. Our dogs are no exception. They are fed top quality dog feed, prescribed supplements and immune boosters.

Selective Breeding

Our breeding dogs have to meet a world-class standard of genetic qualities before we even consider breeding them.

Travel Experience

Our preference would be meeting our puppies' new family but we are happy to say we have had 100% success with our puppies traveling all over North America.

Clean Bill Of Health

We rigorously test our breeding age adults for genetic and other health defects. Our puppies also receive certificates of health from our state of Ohio licensed veterinarian.

Personal Touch

We can't wait to hear from you! Communication & Relationship building is of the utmost importance to us even after your new puppy comes home. 

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